Church-based Funeral Services

Why do families prefer Church Based Funerals?

Certainly the reasons for this growing trend are as varied as families themselves, but the common theme that continuously emerged in the past several years is a strong desire to hold funerals in the family church, usually all in one day.

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Johnny Wayne Canellas

 —  December 1st, 2016
Welcome to Cole Funeral Services, P.A.

Cole Funeral Services, P.A. was founded in 2011 in direct response to a growing demand by families in our area not only for Church based Funerals, but also for personalized funeral options including cremation and memorial services. Andrew J. Cole, a State of Maryland licensed Funeral Director with over 25 years experience serving families in the Metropolitan Washington area, wanted to offer families a convenient option to professionally plan funerals, from the time a death occurs or is anticipated, throughout the entire funeral ceremony and reception after the burial.

Families today want options. We want more personalized services allowing us to bring more meaning to the events that define our lives. A funeral that is held in the familiar comfort of the families church is one option increasingly sought today, in addition to cremation and memorial options.  Cole Funeral Services is at the forefront of offering the most personalized funeral options available to families. We are always available to answer questions or discuss your ideas.


The family church is a place of familiar comfort, serving as the perfect setting to receive guests when a loved one has died.


We no longer strive for frills in many aspects of our lives, we strive for deeper meaning in simpler ways to serve you.


Looking back, every generation has seen a shift in the way we conduct funeral services. Cole Funeral Services is in the lead.